Repair Shops + Buybacks

iTechshark, a single location repair shop in St. Louis, MO, utilizes buybacks to help generate 3M + in annual revenue, 70% from devices sales with inventory purchased through the platform directly from consumers.


"With, we generate buyback leads in our sleep. Everything is automated, from device offer and obtaining a pre-paid shipping label. Before, we pay thousands of dollars in development costs each month and didn't want a cheap buyback script. With, we cut cost by thousands each month, yet maintaining a professional website that actually converts." 

Sayed Ahmed

VP of Mac Operations

@ iTechshark



"We leverage local buyback as an added value service when customer devices are unrepairable or if the customer is looking to purchase a pre-owned device from us. Customers love the easy-to-use online quoting tool and can decide to do it in-person or online."

Zach Sansone

Technology Director @ iTechshark

Automate, Automate, Automate.

"Before, our inventory was fu*cked. When one device sold on BackMarket, we manually took it down in RepairDesk and Shopify. Now everything stays in Sync. If we sell something on RepairDesk, it instantly removes the inventory from BackMarket and Shopify. Before, we had an entire person to manage this. Now they are put to better use."

Colin Luna

VP of Sales @ iTechshark